Mothers Day Flowers Cymbidium Orchids


Mothers Day Flowers Cymbidium Orchids instore!

Only 9 days to go until Mothers Day. We will have a store full of beautiful flowers and this year we have managed to get our hands on some gorgeous Cymbidium orchids! They are healthy and lush with perfectly formed blooms in a variety of colours.

Cymbidium flowers can vary from 1cm to over 15cm across with up to 50 blooms to each stem. The range of colours in cymbidiums now varies from deep chocolates through to snow whites, yellows, golds and all the shades of reds and browns as well as every hue of green. They appreciate a protected position away from strong hot sun, heavy winds and direct frost. The perfect environment should be warm, airy and bright and preferably off the ground. Northern facing verandas and patios are excellent if they are covered. A healthy specimen will produce flower blooms every year and a plant that is 10 years old can produce from 10 to 20 flower blooms.

This particular orchid requires watering all year round and will do well with regular feeding.

Renown for their ease of care, hardiness, beauty and exotic mystique, they will make a perfect gift for Mum for Mothers Day.

Come in and have a look at our beautiful flowers for Mothers Day and our beautiful orchids instore for Mothers Day now! :)